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Starting off Strong with our Senior C Students

This year both of our Senior B students from last year have moved into the same Senior C class together. We are all happy to be in a class with each other. Because of this I wanted them to think about what makes them good friends.

去年のシニアクラスBの生徒は今年一緒に同じクラスC に上がりました。皆三人に増えて学ぶのが嬉しいです。もう三人ですから「自分の中にほかの人から良い友達と言われる部分は何ですか」と聞きました。

Starting off the day of presentations, he was very clear about what makes him a good friend. "Finding common interests makes me a good friend. If you can find common interests you can become friends faster." Such a pure and clear way of thinking. Finding what makes us similar is always better than focusing on what makes us different.


Ending the day of presentations we had another strong showing from our duo of diligent students. "My social personality makes me a good friend. I can even speak to strangers." She spoke about how when she "went to school for the first time [she] introduced herself to the person next to her." As she said she has quite the social personality. Not being afraid to talk to others and have dialogue with new people is certainly a good trait to have.






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